Andrew Missingham – Co-founder of Creative Management Consultancy B+A

“If you can’t bank the money bank the learning“ Andrew Missingham is a drummer, musician, producer and the co-founder of B+A, the fastest most creative management consultancy in the world. B+A work with organisations in the cultural, for profit and social sectors helping them change for the better. They have worked with an extraordinary range of organisations, many of which you may well have heard of. These include Punchdrunk, Microsoft, Nike, the Barbican, Converse, Aveda, The Financial Times, Google, intel, Clinique, the LA Philharmonic and Patreon. Andrew is a problem solver, a… Read More

Robbie Swale – Coach

“Shouldn’t work be something I enjoy?……it just should be like that.“ Robbie Swale is a coach. In the earlier stages of his career Robbie spent periods as a director, a trustee and as a manager in various arts organisations, all of which contribute to a creative approach to his coaching work and life in general. Since moving into coaching he has built a thriving business offering both one to one coaching and group coaching programmes. My first experience of Robbie was through reading several of the articles on his website. In these… Read More

Christopher Daniel – Architect, educator and designer

“Designing for possibilities rather than expectations.” Christopher Daniel (@polysemic42 and @longnowldn on Twitter and @polysemic on Instagram), is an architect, educator, designer and inveterate enthusiast. When I was pulling together the various initial threads of what this podcast could be he was one of the first people I contacted to sense check what I was doing and how. His breadth of listening and reading across the creative industries, combined with consistently taking that material and actually doing something with it in the real world, made him an excellent sounding board for ideas… Read More

Jessica Bowles – Educator in creative producing

“If you don’t make mistakes you won’t make anything.” Jessica Bowles ( @JesBowles ) is the Principal Lecturer and Course Leader of the MA/MFA Creative Producing at Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Jessica trained as a Designer for Film and TV, and spent the early part of her career working across Europe in theatre design with organisations including Dukes Playhouse Lancaster, Young Vic and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her subsequent career in education has spanned writing the BA (Cons) Theatre Practice Course at Central School of Speech and Drama and introducing undergraduate Circus and Puppetry degrees to UK Higher Education…. Read More

John Howkins – Writer and strategist on the creative economy

“It’s a statement of fact, every child is born creative.” John Howkins is a leading writer and strategist on the Creative Economy. His first book The Creative Economy: How People Make Money from Ideas has become the seminal account of how creative people think and develop new ideas. His follow-up book Creative Ecologies: Where Thinking is a Proper Job applies new ideas on ecology to how people work together and co-creativity. It asks, Where do we think best? Over the last fifteen years John has worked with a wide range of people and organisations in over thirty countries to increase understanding of… Read More

Brent Hansen – Media professional

“As long as I was seeking and learning and find something new I was happy, I didn’t want to be making widgets.” Brent Hansen (@bvhansen on Instagram) spent 19 years at MTV Europe where he rose from news producer to President of Creative and Editor-in-Chief of MTV Networks International. He was in the start up team of the European arm of the company and played an instrumental part in its meteoric growth. Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, on the same day as Little Richard recorded ‘Tutti Frutti’ Brent’s childhood of listening to music and student days spent volunteering in anything to connected to music led to a job with Television New Zealand followed by a variety of roles at a pre-cursor to MTV; Radio with Pictures…. Read More

Vicki Igbokwe – Empowering, educating and entertaining through dance

“I don’t feel like you need to have a PHD in dance to understand my work……inclusive, accessible, art, entertaining. It’s all of those things…..I want you to have fun if you come and experience a show or a workshop we’re putting on…..if we’re not having fun what’s the point.” Vicki Igbokwe is the Creative Director and Choreographer of Uchenna Dance. @UchennaDanceCo on Twitter, @Uchenna_Dance on Instagram and Uchennadance on Facebook. She works to empower, entertain and educate through dance theatre production experiences, coaching, dance based empowerment workshops and teaching in further and higher education…. Read More

David Micklem – Independent producer, consultant and writer

“If there was one bit of advice for anyone that wants to adopt a leadership position in the arts and culture sector I would say ‘Be yourself, with skill.” David Micklem (@davidmicklem) is an independent producer, consultant and writer. During his early career he spent significant periods of time at Arts Council England as their Senior Theatre Strategy Officer followed by Battersea Arts Centre as Joint Artistic Director. David now divides his time between; Consulting David’s consulting portfolio includes Arts Council Wales (Resilience Programme), In Between Time (as an Associate), the British Council, FutureCity… Read More