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Welcome to the website for Creative Practice, a podcast featuring conversations with people working in the creative industries. Discussing what they do, why they do it and how they got there.

Episode 13 – Gaylene Gould

Creative Director, Broadcaster, Writer and Coach Art as a lifeline, angels on the path, changing direction, the importance of mentors and the power of kindness in response to suffering.

Episode 12 – Evgeny Shadchnev

Founder and Ex-CEO at Makers Academy, Executive Coach Building a company on trust, leading authentically, the future of coaching and why this moment is enough.

Episode 11 – Jude Kelly CBE

Founder and Director at The WOW Foundation Overcoming obstacles, leadership in the arts, cultural activism and building a global movement towards a gender equal world.

Episode 10 – Ingrid Mackinnon

Movement Director, Choreographer, Teacher and Dancer Finding your voice, movement direction as storytelling through the body and the journey to become a whole person.

Episode 9 – Naveen Arles BCA

Community Builder, Animateur and Vocal Leader Building resilience, the importance of belonging and achieving more healing through music than medicine.

Episode 8 – Andrew Missingham

Co-founder of Creative Management Consultancy B+A How to build credibility, the importance of nuance, systematising thinking and listening with all available senses.

Episode 4 – John Howkins

Writer and strategist on the creative economy The creative industries, writing practice and the importance of creativity for a healthy society.

Episode 1 – David Micklem

Independent Producer, Consultant and Writer Leadership, the power of storytelling, why everybody should have a midlife crisis and creativity in a toothpaste factory.