Episode 12 – Evgeny Shadchnev

This moment is enough. If I don’t see it, no other future moment will be enough either.

Evgeny Shadchnev (@shadchnev) is the founder and Ex-CEO of Europe’s first coding bootcamp, Makers Academy (@makersacademy). Evgeny now works as an Executive Coach with entrepreneurs and CEOs, particularly in the tech industry. He has learned leadership lessons and how to scale the hard way and shares that journey and insight in this conversation.

In our wide ranging discussion on the podcast we cover:

  • Evgeny’s decision to Leave Russia
  • The value of starting Makers on top of a powerful multi decade trend
  • Designing a curriculum iteratively and optimising for employability
  • Building mental models on intuition and refining through experience
  • Fostering a company culture of trust in service of a shared purpose
  • The benefits and drawbacks of letting employees set their own salaries and have unlimited holidays
  • The background and process of Evgeny’s decision to step down as CEO
  • Why becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself
  • The state of the coaching industry, the potential for a step change and my loose and underdeveloped theory on how blockchain technology might feature in the future of coaching
  • The impact of meditation and considering Zen koans
  • Why this very moment is enough


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