Episode 8 – Andrew Missingham

If you can’t bank the money bank the learning

Andrew Missingham is a drummer, musician, producer and the co-founder of B+A, the fastest most creative management consultancy in the world. B+A work with organisations in the cultural, for profit and social sectors helping them change for the better. They have worked with an extraordinary range of organisations, many of which you may well have heard of. These include Punchdrunk, Microsoft, Nike, the Barbican, Converse, Aveda, The Financial Times, Google, intel, Clinique, the LA Philharmonic and Patreon. Andrew is a problem solver, a voracious reader and a creative thinker on the arts, media, business and many other things besides.

During our wide ranging conversation we get into:

  • How to build credibility in new industries
  • Music as a route for learning and a vehicle for natural curiosity
  • The liberation of understanding your own limitations
  • How to be the fastest most creative management consultancy in the world
  • Sharing your process and the importance of nuance
  • A creative approach to protecting IP
  • The difference between privacy and anonymity
  • Coaching as a style of leadership vs mentorship
  • Systematising thinking
  • Listening with all available senses
  • Tolerance as the route to understanding progress and unity


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