Episode 7 – Robbie Swale

Shouldn’t work be something I enjoy?……it just should be like that.

Robbie Swale is a coach. In the earlier stages of his career Robbie spent periods as a director, a trustee and as a manager in various arts organisations, all of which contribute to a creative approach to his coaching work and life in general. Since moving into coaching he has built a thriving business offering both one to one coaching and group coaching programmes.

My first experience of Robbie was through reading several of the articles on his website. In these articles I was particularly struck by the clarity and usefulness of his reflections on mental models, art and personal development. Over the course of our first few conversations I’ve grown to further appreciate his commitment to exploring ideas and fresh thinking through reading and listening widely, and his ability to coalesce those inputs into a positive, constructive and consistently useful approach to living and working in a complex world. 

In this wide ranging conversation we cover:

  • Giving things away for free
  • Sliding Doors Moments
  • Life changes and the things that can lead us towards them
  • The power of sharing the process
  • Influences
  • The War of Art and the fight against resistance
  • The story of money
  • Creating and authentic online presence
  • The Power to Choose
  • The antidote to feeling powerless
  • The Zone of Genius vs The Zone of Excellence


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